Our 3D Resin Blends

Standard Blend
Standard Blend Resin

Our Standard Blend resin is a real multi-purpose resin, most cost-effective for printing your day to day objects. The fully cured resin has the hardness of 35 shore D.

​Available in Red, Black and unpigmented.

Industrial Blend

The Industrial Blend resin has been developed especially for some industrial clients who were in need of a resin that is extra hard and would maintain its structural integrity while exposed to very Low and High temperatures.
Because of these properties, it is one of the few resins perfectly suitable for vulcanisation moulding. 
For relatively low-temperature metals like pewter or tin you can also use the Industrial Blend to print your moulds and cast straight from the printed mould. Read all about it in this Instructables

​The hardness of the fully cured resin is 75 shore D.
It has been tested to keep its dimensional properties from -45C to +225C.

​Available in Red, Black and unpigmented.

FunToDo Castable resin

​The Castable Blend has been designed to cast your pieces in bronze, copper, tin or iron using standard vacuum investment casting methods and settings. It is an Ideal resin for casting pieces of art, Toy models, machine parts. The fully cured resin has a hardness of 73 shore D.

Available in Red only.

Snow White is the first resin in this market segment that is white, and stays white!
It has a milky white colour, which makes it an ideal resin for printing architectural designs or other designs where white is the predominant colour.
Combine Snow White with pigments from our pigment set to create any pastel colour you like.

Snow White has a 83 Shore D hardness and has the look and feel of injection moulded plastic.
The viscosity is about 80 Mpas which makes it also very suitable for Top Down design printers.
Absorption and cure speed are similar to our other blends, depending on colour, object and machine choice

Deep Black

Deep Black has specifically been designed to get the best out of your High-End DLP/SLA machine.
We have combined this special blend with near nano carbon particles, which enables you to print objects in the highest resolutions.
Despite being black, the cure times are just as any other of our fast curing resins.

The Deep Black has a 81 Shore D hardness and, just like Snow White, has the look and heel of injection moulded plastic.
The viscosity is around 80 Mpas, so not only bottom-up printers can benefit of the exceptional resolution of Deep Black.

Formlabs Form1 and Form1+ resin

F1+ Blend is the blend especially made for the formlabs Form1 and Form1+ printers.
The F1+ Blend is available in four colours: Clear, White, Grey and Black.
The F1+ is not only compatible with the machine but also with the Formlabs PreForm software. Just choose the appropriate colour and the V01 setting. Then Dial in the layer height. Because of the very high detail of the blend, especially the Black version, astonishing detailed results are achievable at 0.05 and 0.02mm layer height. 

​The F1+ blends are compatible with our pigments. Depending on the pigments added, you might have to choose a different colour setting in the PreForm software this might take some experimenting. Lighter colours need lighter colour settings in the software. Beware, the darker settings in the software makes the machine emit more energy, so don't use the Black setting for a Clear/transparent colour 

Pigment Set

Our Pigment Set contains four of 20ml dropper bottles of pigments.
The pigments are of our own design and produced by ourselves. The pigments are of the finest quality and have an exceptional fine particle structure. The four colours of the set enable you to mix any colour of the rainbow.

To give you an idea of the pigment strength, we use about 4ml red pigment per kg. to make our SB Red and our IB Red.

Usage: Just measure the amount of resin you need to fill your Vat. Slowly drip the amount of pigment to the resin (stir after every few drops) until you have reached the colour you want to achieve. Don't forget to make a note of the number of drops for future use.
You can mix colours to make any other colour.
Don't forget: You can always add some more pigments, but you can never take them out!

​Be careful not to spill, stains are very hard to remove. Wear gloves!
Volume (4 x 20ml)

Sample Pack

FunToDo Sample Pack

To give new users the opportunity to get acquainted with our products, we have developed the Sample Pack.
Without having to buy a whole bottle, you can test a selection of our most popular blends.
The Sample Pack contains 3x 250ml bottles. Snow White, Industrial Blend Unpigmented, and Industrial Blend Black.
To experiment with colours, we have added 4x 5ml FTD pigments Red, Blue, Yellow and Black. This way you can create every colour you want with the IB unpigmented and Snow White.
(5ml of FTD pigment is more than enough for 1Kg. of resin.)

FunToDo PDMS Repair Kit

With the PDMS Kit, you can repair the silicone lining of your 'Vat' or 'Tank' as they call it at Formlabs.
This means that you don't have to buy a brand new Tank every time your lining gets blurred by 'ghosting'.
Just remove carefully the old lining, clean the tank and pour in a new layer, let it dry and, hey presto, your tank is like new again!
The PDMS kit contains 250gr of material, enough for 2 - 4 replacements of your Vat/Tank linings (depending on the layer thickness and the printer type)
Suitable for all machines with a PDMS (Silicone) Vat/Tank lining. (B9,Form1, Form1+,Form2 and the likes)

All our resins are designed to be ultrafast! 
Curing times of 0.5 seconds for 0.02mm layers are easily achieved on standard Dlp printers with an average light source of around 240Watts.
Even on the current LCD/Led printers FunToDo Resins are one of the fastest resins in the market!

A broad range of reactivity!
The resin have a very broad range of reactivity, it extends from the very short wavelengths of 225nm to the near/visible wavelengths of 415nm. By incorporating a very smart blend of photo initiators and sensitizers, almost any light source can be used to initiate the polymerization process of our resins. No need to modify your expensive DLP projector! Do you have a laser SLA machine (see our F1+ blends) ? or perhaps a DLP printer with a LED source of illumination? As long as the wavelength is between 225nm and 415nm, it will work, and it will work fast!
Besides the wavelength of the light source several other factors are important, so please check out our properties page. If you are in doubt if your specific machine is compatible with our resins, just send us an e-mail

The Fun To Do resins have an ultra-low shrinkage! 
Where 3.5% is regarded as little shrinkage, we have the limited the shrinkage to 0.5%. (shrinkage may vary depending on colour or specific blend)
It is basically what you see is what you get. 3.5% seems to be little but if you take an object of 10cm (100mm) 3.5% is 3.5 mm which is nearly half a centimetre! This is huge compared to the 0.5mm the Fun To Do Resins achieve.

Natural resistance to water and most chemicals!
Our resins have a natural resistance against water, in liquid form it is highly hydrophobic. Once fully cured there is hardly any chemical that can dissolve our resins. Especially the Industrial blend has a high resistance to chemicals. Cured prints have been withstanding the elements and various chemicals for several years now!

​User Friendliness makes you want to build more!

​When designing the resins we have spent quite some effort in making the resin as user friendly as possible. These efforts have resulted in a series of low odour resins with minimal skin irritation. Resins are chemicals, no toys. Keep away from children and pets. When handling our resins please see to adequate ventilation, wear gloves and protective eyewear. 

Be Safe and Sane and make beautiful prints!

Affordable resins make it possible for you to build more!
By using our affordable resin you can afford to experiment, extend your knowledge about supports, exposure times, material thickness without having to think about the costs of the materials all the time.

Prices are recommended retail prices. The prices may vary in the country you live in. The prices shown are excluding Vat, taxes and shipping because they might vary in different countries.


Years of studying and practising poly chemistry in various disciplines really pays off in the design of practical and affordable resins. Our resins are not only used in the DLP 3D printing world but are also popular in the SLA industry. 

  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Automotive industry
  • Architecture
  • Modelling
  • Toy and Game industry
  • Production
  • Dental industry


​Once I got to know the dedication these guys at Fun To Do work with, The speed in answering their e-mails and the prompt delivery of the resin, it came as no surprise that the resin performed even better than expected. The curing speed was way faster than anything I had used before, saving me seconds per layer. Once I got all the timings dialled in right, I had incredibly detailed prints.

After finishing a print with the Standard Blend, the build definitely needs post-cure to get real hard. But once fully cured it is hard but flexible enough not to break.  

I also tried the Industrial Blend, It does exactly what it says on the tin!  And as the resin is much harder during printing, it saves a lot of time on settling etc in between the layer exposures

J. v. S. - New York


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