PicoMiniDriver is a low cost development board to control DC Motors, Gear Motors, Servo Motors, a Stepper Motor, Ultrasonic range finder distance sensor, ADC analog sensors, digital switches and more all with a PIC16F506 microchip PIC from Microchip Technology. This kit comes with an L293D Motor Driver IC to handle motors up to 36V DC from an optional 6-36V power supply.

Featured is a unique power leveling diode to maintain 6V for servo outputs and a nominal 5.5V for the Microchip PIC so your servos will never skip a beat. With this feature, servos will never twitch or suffer from sporadic moving due to low power problems.


Programmable with PicoFlow LT Hex Loading software & PicoFlow USB Programmer, and PicoFlow Alpha

Programming Options are  Flowchart-Program or HEX-Program.

Tools Required

  1. Soldering Iron
  2. Solder
  3. Side Cutters


NB: Project requires four AA batteries (not included) or a regulated power supply 5-6V (suggested). A second power supply can be used for 6-36V Motor applications.

** Un-programmed PICs require the use of our PicoFlow USB Programmer to program the supplied microcontroller device.

This is the same kit used in our PicoPi robot kit.

Kit - PicoMiniDriver

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