Kit - PicoTron

Kit - PicoTron
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PicoTron is a line following vehicle kit suitable for intermediate solderers. You'll also need to have access to some tools (as listed below).

NB. Battery is not included.

Hackable with PicoFlow LT Hex Loading software & PicoFlow USB Programmer.

Programming Options are Pre-program, Instant-Program, or HEX-Program.

Tools Required

  1. Soldering Iron
  2. Solder
  3. Angled Side Cutters
  4. Pliers and Xacto/Craft Knife or Dremel
  5. Measuring Ruler or Venier Calipers

Instruction Manual - Free A4 pdf

Laminated PicoLights A3 page1 - page 2

PicoTron Instruction Manual

See Additional Images to download (above)


Lesson/Unit Plan Ideas - PicoTron

Construction & Electronics

·         Cutting Small Plastic Components with a Dremel Tool

·         LED (Light Emitting Diodes) with a Current Limiting Resistor

·         Infrared (IR) Reflection

·         Motor Control – 2 Channel Direction and Speed with the L293D


ASM Programming - Advanced

·         Digital Outputs (10)

·         TriState Multiplexing LED Control (High, Low, Off)

·         3x ADC Inputs

·         Word based Arithmetic on an 8bit PIC

·         Calibration through MIN/MAX Sampling

·         Standardised Sampling with Data Offset & Scale Equations

·         Calculating Gradients

·         Speed Control with 2x Hardware PWM (Pulse Width Modulation)

·         Motor Direction with the L293D Motor Driver IC


NB: Project requires one CR123A Battery (Not included).

** Un-programmed PICs require the use of our PicoFlow USB Programmer to program the supplied microcontroller device.

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Kit - PicoTron
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Kit - PicoTron
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