Kit - PicoMood V5

Kit - PicoMood V5
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Model: PicoMoodV5
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PicoMood V5 is an electronic mood light kit suitable for beginner solderers. ^

If you want to code the PicoMOOD there are two options.So please tell us if you want the new Battery-less Coding option.

Programming Options are Pre-program, Instant-Program**, Flowchart-Program**, or HEX-Program**.


Free Video Tutorials:

How to Solder the PicoMood (35 minutes)

How to Program the PicoMood with PicoFlow Alpha** (Playlist with 9 Videos - about 8 minutes each)


Tools Required

  1. Soldering Iron
  2. Solder
  3. Angled Side Cutters


Instruction Manual - Free A4 pdf or Laminated PicoMood A3 page1 - page 2

PicoMood Instruction Manual

See Additional Images to download (above)


Curriculum - PicoMood

Construction & Electronics

·         Soldering Basics

·         LED (Light Emitting Diodes) with a Current Limiting Resistor

·         Simple Tools (Drilling, Cutting...)

·         Laser Cutting

·         Vacuum Forming

·         3D Printing

Flowchart Programming**


·         Output Tool - Turn on a LED

·         Delay Tool -  Flash a LED 

·         Sub Tool -  LED Sequence

·         Cycle Tool -  5 Flash Sequence

·         Compare Tool -  Duty Cycle 

·         Counter Tool -  Pulse Width Modulation

·         Motor Tool -  3 LED Modulation

·         Lookup Table -  Sine Wave Based PWM

·         Lookup Subroutine -  3 Phase Sine Wave

^NB:  Project requires 3 AA batteries (not included). Project requires a casing construction (not included). Electronics only. Timber Base and Plastic figurine are not included.

** All PICs are Pre-programmed so programming is optional. Reprogramming and Coding will still will require the use of our PicoFlow USB Programmer to change the code on the supplied microcontroller device.

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Kit - PicoMood V5
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Kit - PicoMood V5
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