Kit - PicoRoach

Kit - PicoRoach
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Model: PicoRoachV2
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PicoRoach is a six legged walking robot kit suitable for intermediate solderers. You'll also need to have access to some tools (eg. pop-rivet gun & pliers).

NB. Battery is not included.

Hackable with PicoFlow LT Hex Loading software & PicoFlow USB Programmer.

Programming Options are Pre-program, Instant-Program, or HEX-Program.

Tools Required

  1. Soldering Iron
  2. Solder
  3. Angled Side Cutters
  4. Pop-Rivet Gun
  5. Pliers
  6. Small Star Screw-Driver

Instruction Manual - Laminated PicoRoach A3 - Free A4 pdf

PicoRoach Instruction Manual

See Additional Images to download (above)


Lesson/Unit Plan Ideas - PicoRoach

Construction & Electronics

·         Soldering Basics

·         Component Assembly

·         Digital Switch Inputs with a Pull-up Resistor

·         Mechanisms

·         Servo Motor Control

·         Voltage Regulators

·         Hexapod Stepping Motion (Forward, Backward, Turn Left & Right)


ASM Programming

·         Digital IO (1x Input & 3x Outputs)

·         Subroutine CALLs

·         Digital Switch Input Debounce Routine

·         Switching Logic

·         Data Table Lookup for Min/Max Stepping Motion

·         Constant Period with Variable Pulse Width

·         Counter Loops (Auto-Generation with PicoFlow LT Software)

·         State Machine Implementation in Code

 Video: PicoRoach


NB: Standard project includes all electronics & coloured acrylic or 3D printed parts for extra durability. Project requires a 9V Battery (Not included). ALL holes are now pre-cut and drilled.

** Un-programmed PICs require the use of our PicoFlow USB Programmer to program the supplied microcontroller device.

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Kit - PicoRoach
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