Kit - PicoPi Pro & USB package

Kit - PicoPi Pro & USB package
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At PicoKit, we are committed to excellence in Microcontroller Education.

PicoPi Pro & USB is a complete robot platform with flowchart software, USB programmer, and Worksheet Activities and Video Tutorials. This project was designed in conjection with David Oswald from King's Christian College on the Gold Coast, Australia. PicoPi Pro plugs into your computer via the PicoFLow USB Programmer (included in this package). This kit requires construction and basic soldering experience. 

This is our exemplar robot for use with PicoFlow Alpha V7 (Free software) and the PicoFlow USB Programmer


Sensor Kits:

- 1 Tactile Switch Module

- 2 Microswitch Modules

- 1 Potentiometer Module

- 1 Buzzer Module

- 2 LED Cables (with LEDs)

- 2 IR Reflection Sensor Modules

Ready-Made Modules

- 1 LCD Module


- 2 Metal Gear 300rpm Motors

Integrated Circuits:

- 1 L293D Motor Driver IC

- 1 PIC16F506 Analog PIC 

Control Board:

- 1 PicoMiniDriver 

Laser Cut Components:

- 2 Wheels

- 1 Base Chassis

3D Printed Components:

- 1 3rd Wheel Housing (Follower type)

- 2 Motor Housings

- 1Control Board Housing


- 20 Nylock M3 Nuts

- 20 M3 10mm Bolts

- 100mm of Double-sided Adhesive tape


- 1 Ball Bearing for the 3rd Wheel

- 2 O-ring washers for tyres

- PicoFlow USB Programmer

- PicoFlow Alpha - Home User & Student license

Curriculum with Worksheets:

1. Drive the PicoPi.pdf   Lesson 2 - Turn The PicoPi  Race the PicoPi - Tutorial 3

PicoPI Motion

Tools & Fixings Required (that are not included):

- Soldering Iron and soldering type tools to assemble Main Board and Sensor/Modules solder kits

- Dremel with cutoff wheel to create a groove in the wheels

- Spanners to tighten bolts

- Supa glue to fix O-Ring tyres to wheel grooves (only if necessary)

- Blue tac to hold the Battery box in place


NB. Batteries are not included.

Programmable with PicoFlow Alpha V5 software & PicoFlow USB Programmer.

Programming Options are Flowchart Programming, or HEX-Program.


MECC (Mechatronics & Embedded Control Curriculum)

Construction & Electronics


·         LED (Light Emitting Diodes) with a Current Limiting Resistor

·         Digitial Switches


·         PWM LED Brightness & Motor Speed Control 

·         Analog input control with a Potentiometer

·         Outputing Sound & Music

·         LCD Text and Display Scrolling


·         Infrared (IR) Reflection & Line Following

·         Motor Control – 2 Channel Direction and Speed with the L293D 

NB: Project requires four AA Batteries (Not included).

** Un-programmed PICs require the use of our PicoFlow USB Programmer to program the supplied microcontroller device.

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