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Manufacturer: Hans Yueming Laser
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TRIUMPH 700W Laser Cutter is a fibre laser cutter for cutting metals up to 12mm thick. This is an industrial grade laser cutter designed for industry use 24/7.

Laser Power options: 700W (Default), 1kW

Cutting thickness:0-12mm (determined by Material Cutting Information - see below)

Workarea size: 600 x 600mm

Machine Size: 2000*1680*2000mm

Required Floor space: 2500 x 2500mm

Minimum Text Character Size: 1x1mm (English fonts)

Guide Rail Accuracy: +/-0.025mm

Inclusions: Water Chiller Unit, Air Compressor, Exhaust Blower fan

Commissioning: Laser Cutter is tested prior to delivery, and commissioned on-site to guarantee working order for the commencement of the warranty. If the correct electrical outlets (see below) are not available you need to contact us prior to delivery.

Total Power Maximum: 5kW

Electrical Outlets: One 3 Phase 380V AC power outlet required

Software: Metal Cut Software - Set and Forget cutting speeds with easy Parameter Control. Users won't stuff this one up with easy access wall chart to identify correct layers in CAD drawing software. Easy as 1-2-3: Import, Check, Print.

Hardware Communications: USB 1.1


Material Cutting Information Guide:

Untitled 1

    Speed in mm/s at 80% Power for Quality Cutting
  Thickness 700W 1kW




2mm 6.4 6.4
3mm 3.5 4.5
4mm 2.3 4.5
5mm 1.7 1.7
6mm 1.5 1.5
7mm 1.2 1.2
8mm 1 1
10mm   0.75
12mm   0.6




3mm 1.7 2.4
5mm 0.6 0.8
6mm   0.25
Brass 1.5mm 2 2
2mm   0.9
3mm   0.6
Aluminium 2mm 3.5 (Air) 4 (N2)
3mm 1.2 (Air) 1.2 (N2)


Made to Order: Laser Cutters will be made by our manufacturers at the time the order contract is applied for and accepted. A 20% deposit will be required within 30 days except in educational circumstances (Please login for educational prices). Laser Cutters will be made to order and shipped to our local storage facility in your state, and this cost to your state is included in the price, except for Tasmania orders that are stored in Melbourne.

Local Shipping Quote: Please call us for a quote on shipping from our nearest temporary storage facility in your state; Please note: Tasmanian orders will incur a $1500 surcharge for Sea shipping from our Melbourne temporary storage facility.

Promotions: It helps us greatly when more than one order is occuring in your state at the same time. As such, we are offering $300 credit with PicoKit to anyone making a Laser Cutter Order who inspires another Laser Cutter Order, from within or outside of your business.

Servicing: During the commissioning of your laser cutter, it is vital that the end user is instructed in the General Servicing and the Correct and Safe Usage of the Laser Cutter. There are many things that ordinary users can do such as cleaning lenses and mirrors, and testing the calibration of your machine. This will also help us to diagnose any faults.

Warranty Terms and Conditions: As standard, your Laser Cutter and all associated hardware (that is not considered as General Servicing or as a Consumable) comes with a 1yr onsite replacement Warranty. 

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